Surprise is the worst word in aviation. With P&WCSMART, there are no surprises in terms of cost
Maintenance, Turboprops | 4 min read

Why Your Engine Needs a Hot Section Inspection

Good aircraft engine maintenance for turbofans and turboprops includes inspecting the hot section. Here’s what you should know about the process.

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Airport empty tarmac
Maintenance, Turbofans | 3 min read

What Can You Do About Aircraft Engine FOD?

Anything from a bird in flight to a loose bolt on the runway can cause foreign object damage (FOD) to an aircraft engine. Here's how to reduce the risk.

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PW300 engine's service on wing
Customers, Maintenance | 4 min read

Handy Access from the Hangar

Our customer service portal, MyP&WC Power, hosts more than 460 technical manuals that guide aircraft engine maintenance and repair. Nearly 16,000 users access them, some use them daily.

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DHC-6 Twin Otter - P&WC PT6A-27
Performance, Turboprops | 2 min read

3 Ways to Understand Your Turboprop's Power Ratings

The power management systems on your turboprop provide full control of the engine’s power during all phases of flight. Plus, being aware of your engine’s customized power ratings leads to more durable and cost-efficient maintenance.

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PT6A engine detail
Maintenance, PT6A | 3 min read


Certain equipment is essential for keeping a PT6A engine running smoothly. Here are four tools and parts that either the aircraft owner or the operator needs to have when doing routine maintenance work.

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Onsight mobile solution in use

Borescope inspections: a new mobile solution to get remote expert help

Borescope inspections are an important aspect of engine maintenance that facilitate diagnosis and promote preventative care. A new technology now gives you quick and free access to P&WC's experts when you need professional help.

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Technology, Turboprops | 2 min read

New Technology: Propeller Vibration Trend Monitoring

New digital propeller vibration trend monitoring systems are changing the game. P&WC's FAST™ solution (Flight Acquisition, Storage, and Transmission), for instance, makes propeller balancing much simpler and more accurate.

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Maintenance, Mechanics | 2 min read

Desalination Washes: Keep Your Engine Salt-Free

Too much salt is bad for your health. The same goes for your aircraft engine. Salt and other contaminants can react with compressor components to cause corrosion. In the long term, this will affect their performance.

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