More than an Engine
500 to 1,900 shaft horsepower class
The PT6A engine family is the world's most popular engine in its class and is one of Pratt & Whitney's greatest success stories. Experience gained from the PT6A has helped spawn many of the engine families that have made Pratt & Whitney a world leader in the gas turbine engine market.


Our commitment to reliable innovation has led to advances in the PT6A engine family including oil analysis technology, electronic controls, and fuel-burn improvements. The PT6A is the only engine to achieve Single Engine Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) status for passenger revenue activity in North America, Australia, Europe and New Zealand - a result of our relentless focus on reliability.

Dependability and versatility

Dependability and versatility have been the hallmarks of the PT6A and continue to be the foundation of the many new PT6A models incorporating the very latest advanced technologies. New aerodynamic and material technologies have enabled the PT6A engine to gain more power without significantly increasing in size. The PT6A is the only engine to achieve SEIFR status for passenger revenue activity in North America, Australia, Europe and New Zealand - a result of our relentless focus on reliability.

Broad Power Range

Ranging in power from 500 shp to over 1,900 shp, PT6A engines are available in more than 70 models, offering unsurpassed flexibility and capability for a variety of applications. The numbers speak for themselves: members of the family currently power aircraft in service with over 6,800 operators in more than 180 countries. More than 47,500 PT6A engines have been produced since the family entered service, accumulating nearly 400 million flying hours. 

Global Customer Support

Operators of PT6A engines are supported by Pratt & Whitney's industry-leading global customer support. This includes over 30 Pratt & Whitney-owned and designated service facilities around the world, more than 100 field support representatives on all major continents, a 24/7 Customer First Centre for rapid expert support, the most advanced diagnostic capabilities for this market and the largest pool of Pratt & Whitney rental and exchange engines in the industry.

The PT6A engine family continues to advance, incorporating the latest technologies in the drive to exceed our customers' expectations

The best of both worldsProven technology built upon a remarkable body of engineering achievement that has written new chapters in aviation history in collaboration with our partners, and disruptive technology that continues to make new aircraft applications possible.  

Flexible engine architecture and modular reverse flow design simplify installation in both single- and twin-engine installations as well as tractor and pusher propeller configurations. 

Simple, on-wing maintenance is possible for most tasks, where other engines might need a shop visit. 

Easy access to all external components means there’s no other engine in General Aviation that’s easier to maintain than the PT6A. 

The novel PT6A configuration has proven to be a key attribute to its success: its rearward, reverse flow inlet and forward facing turbine section providing fast maintenance turn-around through on-wing hot section refurbishment in most aircraft installations. The PT6A is a two-shaft engine with a multi-stage compressor driven by a single-stage compressor turbine and an independent shaft coupling the power turbine to the propeller through an epicyclic concentric reduction gearbox.





(Max. RPM)




PT6A' Small' (A-11 to A-140) 600 to 1075 500 to 900 1,900 to 2,200 21 to 25 21.5 61.5 to 64
PT6A 'Medium' (A-41 to A-62) 1,000 to 1,400  850 to 1,050 1,700 to 2,000 22 19.5 66 to 72
PT6A 'Large' (A-64 TO A-68) 1,400 to 1,900 700 to 1,900  1,700 to 2.000 22 19.5 69 to 75.5
* Powers are approximate values at take-off. Available at sea level, standard day, static conditions, uninstalled.
** Dimensions are approximate values.
*** Equivalent Shaft Horsepower: includes estimated equivalent contribution of exhaust thrust.

Applications (36)

  • PT6A-114A

    Cessna 208/208B Caravan I
  • PT6A-11AG

    Air Tractor AT 402A/402B
    Schweizer G-164B AG-Cat Turbine
  • PT6A-135A

    Beechcraft King Air F90-1/C90GT/C90GTi/C90GTx
    Blackhawk XP135A Cheyenne Series
    Blackhawk XP135A Conquest I
    Blackhawk XP135A King Air 90 Series
    Cessna Conquest I
    Lancair International Inc. Evolution
    Silverhawk 135/StandardAero C90/E90
    StandardAero Cheyenne Series
    StandardAero King Air F90
    T-G Aviation Super Cheyenne®
    Vazar Dash 3 Turbine Otter
  • PT6A-140

    Cessna Grand Caravan EX
  • PT6A-140A

    Aircraft Structures International Corp. (ASIC)
    Blackhawk Modifications Inc.
    Evolution Aircraft EVOT-850
  • PT6A-140AG

    Air Tractor 502XP
    Thrush 510P
  • PT6A-15AG

    Air Tractor AT 402A/402B
    Air Tractor AT 502B
    Frakes Turbo Cat Model A/B/C
    Schweizer G-164B AG-Cat Turbine
  • PT6A-21

    Beechcraft King Air C90A/B/SE
    Turbine Air Bonanza
  • PT6A-25C

    Embraer EMB-312 Tucano
    Pilatus PC-7/PC-7 MKII Turbo Trainer
    PZL-Okecie PZL-130 TC-II Turbo-Orlik
  • PT6A-27

    Beechcraft 99A
    Beechcraft B99
    Bombardier (deHavilland) DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300
    Embraer Bandeirante EMB-110
    LET L410
    Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter
  • PT6A-34

    Embraer Bandeirante EMB-110
    Embraer Bandeirante EMB-111
    Embraer Caraja
    Frakes Mallard
    Pacific Aerospace XSTOL (750XL)
    Quest Kodiak
    Vazar Dash 3 Turbine Otter
    Viking DHC-6 Twin Otter 400
  • PT6A-34AG

    Air Tractor AT 502B
    Frakes Turbo Cat Model A/B/C
    Pacific Aerospace 750
    PZL-Okecie PZL-106 Turbo-Kruk
    Schweizer G-164B AG-Cat Turbine
    Schweizer G-164D AG-Cat Turbine
    Thrush 510P
  • PT6A-35

    Blue 35
  • PT6A-41

    Beechcraft King Air 200/B200
    Piper Cheyenne III/IIIA
  • PT6A-42A

    Beechcraft C12F
    Beechcraft King Air 200/B200
    Blackhawk XP42 King Air 200
    StandardAero King Air 200
  • PT6A-42A

    Blackhawk XP42A Caravan Series
    Piper Meridian
  • PT6A-52

    Beechcraft King Air B200GT/250
    Blackhawk XP52 King Air 200/B200
    Enhanced Aero B200GTO
    StandardAero King Air 200/B200
  • PT6A-60A

    Beechcraft King Air 300/350
  • PT6A-60AG

    Air Tractor AT 602
    Thrush 550P
    Thrush 660
  • PT6A-62

    Pilatus PC-9 Turbo Trainer
  • PT6A-64

    EADS Socata TBM 700
    Socata TBM 700
  • PT6A-65AG

    Air Tractor AT 602
    Air Tractor AT 802/802A/802AF/802F
    Thrush 660
    Thrush 710P
  • PT6A-65B

    Beechcraft 1900/1900C
    Polish Aviation Factory M28 Skytruck
  • PT6A-66

    National Aerospace Laboratories Saras
    PIAGGIO Avanti P-180
  • PT6A-66A

    Ibis Aerospace Ae 270 HP
  • PT6A-66B

    PIAGGIO Avanti II
  • PT6A-66D

    EADS Socata TBM 850
    Socata TBM 850
  • PT6A-67A

    Beechcraft Starship
    IAI HeronTP
  • PT6A-67AG

    Air Tractor AT 802/802A/802AF/802F
    Thrush 710P
  • PT6A-67B

    Pilatus PC-12
  • PT6A-67F

    Air Tractor AT 802/802A/802AF/802F
  • PT6A-67P

    Pilatus PC-12NG
  • PT6A-67R

    Basler Turbo BT-67
    Shorts 360 / 360-300
  • PT6A-68

    T-6A Texan II
  • PT6A-68B

    Pilatus PC-21
  • PT6A-68C

    Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano

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